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Training Programs

Badminton specific programs. All programs is build up from the ground by prof. coaches (e.g. former World Champion Thomas Laybourn), with times, repetitions, technical videos and exercise videos for you to enjoy. 

Tactical Lessons

Ever wondered how to move around the court, where to place the shuttle, and what to do if your opponent changes tactics in the game? We got the answers for you, well we at least got our point of view.

Physical & Mental

Get access to Physical programs, which our trainer Mike provides for you. Exercises most people can do everywhere. 
Our mental coach Bjarne provides new courses for you. It is amazing how you can improve your game, 
by having the right focus and controlling your thoughts and feelings. Get to know your mind a bit better, and control your thoughts in a whole new way.

TV Podcasts

Watch TV episodes or listen to audio podcasts on the go. In this TV Podcast section we talk/debate in our TV studio about training, politics, rules, players, matches, championships and more.

Kids Academy

Looking for inspiration for your kids trainings? We think we got the solution for you! Get access to a huge archive of tutorials, techniques, exercises, footwork, games & more.

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