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A look inside our platform

Get a glimpse of what we offer with these free video examples, taken from our training programs and tactical lessons!

Deadzone return – backhand

A technical video about the service return, taken from the service situation program.

2 vs. 1 defense

A look at exercise 6 from the 2 vs. 1 program where focus is the defense in singles.

Tactical lesson about the deadzone

A look into the intro video for the lesson about the deadzone in the singles.


New programs every month!

Get access to exclusive badminton training programs. Each program is build up from the ground with times, repetitions, technical videos, and excersise videos!

A beginner, intermediate or a semi-pro? Well, you are in good hands, we got just the right program for you to go through with step by step tutorials.

Professional Coaches

Former World Champion Thomas Laybourn is co-founder and coach in Badminton Famly+.
Thomas and other coaches take you through all the tutorials, with easy spoken english and graphical elements.

Tactical Lessons

Learn and understand badminton!

Ever wondered how to move around on the court, where to place the shuttle, and what to do if your opponent changes tactics in the game?

We got the answers for you, well we at least got our point of view, on how to be a good tactical player, and how to use the tactics as an advantage in your game.

Video Tutorials

Easy step by step tutorials!

This area covers many areas in badminton, with one topic in each video. The section is divided into categories like shots, deception shots, footwork, single, doubles, trick shots, multishuttle, etc.

New professional edited videos will be available every month. They work great on mobile, for you to take along with you to your training session!

Free stuff

Check out our site and see the latest badminton news, read articles, player profiles, and see who is on top of the world in the world rankings.

Youtube tutorials!

We have many exciting and free videos on our Badminton Famly Youtube channel.
Check out some of them below!

TV Podcasts

Watch or listen to TV episodes on the go!

In this TV Podcast section we talk/debate in our TV studio about training, politics, rules, players, matches, championships and more. We have different guests joining us, to talk about many areas in the world of badminton.

Training articles

Read interesting articles and in depth analysis!

Each month we will publish new articles filled with training tips, and good advice on how to improve your game.

How to prepare for a game, what are the best racket for me, etc. Exciting content for players and coaches.


Why Badminton Famly+

Professional coaches

The programs, videos, etc. are made by World Champion Thomas Laybourn & other prof. coaches.

Step by step tutorials

The tutorials are all easy to understand and use. You are guided through it all in English.

Growing archive

The Famly is growing every month, with many new exciting things for you to watch and read.

Secure payments

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Mobile friendly

Take Badminton Famly+ with you in your pocket, and to your next training session.

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Meet the Team

Welcome to the Famly, we are the founders of Badminton Famly+. We work hard to produce the best badminton e-learning material for you.
“Join us and be part of the magic of badminton”

Thomas Laybourn

Former world no. 1, world champion and prof. coach.

Phillip Ørbæk

Badminton enthusiast, and coach with many years of experience.

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