Frequently Asked Questions

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Find the most common questions and answers.

Badminton Famly+ content

What level of badminton do a need to have, to learn from Badminton Famly+?

We cover a beginner level, intermediate level, and advanced level. You can learn a lot from all three levels, no matter your level. All tutorials are easy to understand and well explained in English.

How much new content will be added to the platform every month?

It can vary a bit each week, but we deliver new content weekly within various sections. Don´t worry; we will try our best not to disappoint you; we truly believe we won´t.

Is Badminton Famly+ a better choice than all the free videos online?

We love free content, and it is fantastic, but we take it to the next level on this platform. We put even more work into our videos, and our training programs are built up from scratch with hours and hours of work put into it.

Are all your coaches professional coaches?

Yes, we think you deserve the best, so we use the best coaches available. Former World Champion Thomas Laybourn is co-founder of Badminton Famly and a Famly+ coach, together with other top coaches.

Do you deliver free content as well?

YES, we do; we provide a lot of free stuff like Youtube videos, news, articles, etc.
Check out our website here, and check out our free videos on our Youtube channel here

Billing, payment & subscription

Do you have any binding periods or hidden fees?

The short answer is NO. We think it is essential that you can cancel your subscription at any time. Our most important task is to make sure you don´t want to leave. And no, we don´t have any hidden fees; what you see is what you get!

Will my subscription automatically renew?

Yes, our system is connected with some of the biggest and most secure companies globally, called PayPal & Stripe. They make sure to raise the amount every month/year from your account. Easy and straightforward.

How does the club license work?

Badminton Famly+ is great for clubs, coaches, and players. The content is the same as our other licenses. Save money on a club license and give a membership as a gift to your coaches and players, or you can add it to your standard membership fee in your club.

After signing up, the club will pay the fee yearly according to the plan selected. After that, the club will receive a unique coupon discount code (can be used x number of times depending on the method chosen) the coaches and players need to sign up. They sign up themselves, use the 100% discount code, and get access for free. So only one sign-up/payment for the club, we and the coaches/players handle all the rest – Cool, right?

What payment gateway does Badminton Famly+ work with?

Currently, Badminton Famly+ integrates with PayPal & Stripe. The gateways allow for a much more secure and PCI-compliant ability to charge credit cards, and each provides a mechanism for issuing automatic recurring payments. We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express payments from customers worldwide. PayPal & Stripe delivers all the tech, we just concentrate on what we do best, and that´s the love for badminton.

Can I get my money back if I cancel my membership?

No, sorry, we don´t offer money back after a cancellation. We offer a 7-day free trial on our BASIC membership, so you can watch everything before the payment cycle begins.

If you decide to cancel, then your membership still will be active until the next billing period of your membership.

Troubleshooting when signing up

I face difficulties while processing the payment. It keeps giving an error.

Such issues may occur because of the browser you are using. Try to switch to another browser or PC to process the payment. Note: Make sure the information in your billing form is correct.

I entered a wrong credit card number or my transaction failed.

If this happens, the system will add you as a member but without a subscription. If you try signing up again, the system will tell you that you are already a member.

You need to update your credit card information, do the following:
1: Log in to our site using your email and password
2: Hit Change Plan
3: Update your credit card information

After this try to log in again, everything should work, and you should now have access to everything.
Please get in touch with us if this small trick doesn´t work.

I can´t find the sign-up link in the app

That is correct because you can only sign-up through our website. So do all the sign-up stuff on this website, and after that, log in to our app with your e-mail and password, and enjoy all the content. All content is also present on the website; we update both platforms every week.

Subscription issues

I cancelled my membership but wants back in.

If you want back in, here is what you need to do:

You need to enter your credit card information once again, do the following:
1: Log in to our site using your email and password (yes, you still have an active account, but just not a subscription)
2: Hit Change Plan and create a membership
3: Update your credit card information

After this process, just try to log in again; then everything should work, and you should now have access to everything again. Contact us if it does not work for you; we are here to help.


Can I change my membership after signing up?

YES, you can, very easy actually.
Go to the website and log in.
Then find the Account settings menu in the profile dropdown.
Hit Subscriptions
Hit Change plan
Choose the new membership plan you want, and there you go.

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All set up and ready to go!

Wuhu now you are ready to learn and understand badminton online, with Badminton Famly+ at your fingertips – enjoy!

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