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Guarantee of content

We aim to constantly provide new content. But at the point of signing up, you agree to the amount of content already provided as the full service, and cannot hold Badminton Famly ApS liable for not posting or delivering new content. However, as the purpose of this service is to deliver quality badminton content, we aim to post new content every month.

Our liability

The material displayed on our site is provided without any guarantees, conditions or warranties as to its accuracy. This means, we can’t in any way guarantee for the precision or effects of the content provided. We and third parties connected to us therefore expressly exclude any liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage incurred by any user in connection with our site or in connection with the use, inability to use, or results of the use of our site.

We can not in any way be held liable for the use of our content and website services, and the proposed exercises, tips and training material is exercised with the users solely responsibility.

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Third party

We are only responsibe for the content provided on www.badmintonfamly.com and http://www.plus.badmintonfamly.com. When linking to third party website, we take no responsibility for their services and web usage.

Privacy policy

Personal data:

When you sign up to our site, we only collect the very essential data to provide you with our service. The data we collect is for one purpose only: Giving you access to our site and provide you with a first class badminton streaming experience.

Your data is kept confidential and will never be shared with a third party.

We use memberpress as our official member tool. This tool is one of the most common and used tools on the market. Therefore, we can safely say, that your data is in good hands.


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Badminton Famly ApS uses the following third-party marketing services on our websites:

Google Analytics: We are using this to learn how people use our websites, and from which sources we get our website traffic.

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Google ads: We use Google Ads. This will in some cases place a cookie which allows us to place targeted ads to our website visitors on other websites that display ads.

The right to be forgotten

In case you want all your data to be deleted, you can simply cancel your subscription and send an email to hello[a]badmintonfamly.com and ask for your data to be deleted.


When you sign up to Badminton Famly Plus, you are automatically signed up to receive service messages about future content and related services on our platform. We will make sure, you will be informed, when we have new things to show you. We use mailchimp for this service.

If you sign up to our newsletter, you accept the following conditions as well.

Who is responsible for the newsletter?
The newsletter is a service offered by Badminton Famly

Purpose of the newsletter
The purpose of the newsletter is to give you the latest and most interesting stories about international badminton and keep you updated with Badminton Famly Plus.

What is my data used for?
When you sign up for the newsletter and give us data about yourself, e.g. your name, your physical address or your email address, we reserve the right to use that data. We use the data submitted by you to give you a better service so that you can receive news on topics, which are of interest to you and fit your profile.

We may send you an explanatory email if there are changes with respect to the newsletter itself (for example changes in mail frequency, changes in areas of interest or similar changes).

Newsletters can be used for advertisement – both for Badminton Famly purposes, but also in relation to business partners such as sponsors, advertisers, etc.

How often will I receive the newsletter?
Generally, we will send you the newsletter when we have something new to tell you. So the email frequency will vary.

We strive to limit the number of newsletters but the more interests you have signed up for the more often you will receive a newsletter.

Is my data secure and confidential?
The data we record about you is kept strictly confidential. It will not be sold or disclosed to third parties.


The right to be forgotten:

Should you want to know, which data we hold of you. Or in case you want all your information to be deleted. You can do so by contacting hello[a]badmintonfamly.com