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Mixed double placements in the service situation

In this tactical lesson, we share some thoughts on how to be positioned in the service situation in mixed doubles. Both being the part doing the serves, but also being the part receiving the serves.

Level: Beginner
Time: Approx 15 min.
Coach:  Thomas Laybourn

Improve attacking in singles

This tactical lesson can help you improve your attacking game in singles. I give you some tips, on how to be better at choosing the right shots/tactics, when you have the initiative in the rally.

Level: Intermediate
Time: Approx 10 min.
Coach:  Phillip Ørbæk

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Popular training programs

Backcourt attack – doubles

In this traning program, we take on how to become a better attacking player from the backcourt in doubles. We go through 4 different shots, but also some essential drills, which will help you improve this part of your game.

Level: Intermediate
Time: Approx 100 min.
Coach:  Thomas Laybourn & Phillip Ørbæk

Smash – Movement & stroke

The smash is one of the most used strokes in badminton, but how do you get a really hard and precise smash? Well, your in good hands because we will guide you through all the essentials movements in the smash and how to improve your power.

Level: Advanced
Time: Approx 90 min.
Coach:  Thomas Laybourn & Phillip Ørbæk

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Reach your goals

Reach your goals

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Robot or a Clown? Or a hybrid?

Robot or a Clown? Or a hybrid?

Why so serious? Well one thing you can learn from the Joker (Batman movies) is to have more fun. Life and badminton is not only serious work, you need to master the switch between being a clown and a robot. Badminton is a fun game, so should you train as a robot, hmm...

Is the mental part slowing you down?

Is the mental part slowing you down?

Many Badminton players are good in the physical aspect but not tough enough mentally. A badminton player can have all the fitness, power, agility and skills but without the presence of mental toughness, he or she can be affected mentally anytime, anywhere.   Get the...

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